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    The Michelin Latitude Cross are developed from a unique Terrain Proof compound which augments resistance against cuts, making them usable even under the harshest of off-roading conditions. The tires integrate wide grooves which efficiently drain water from tire channels and protects against aquaplaning. The asymmetric tread pattern ensures reliable grip on both wet and dry track and road conditions. The curved shape of the tread block ensures maximum road contact at all times and consequently produces little noise for a silent and smooth driving experience.
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    The Michelin LTX Force, all-terrain terrain tires are manufactured for SUVs and light trucks which encounter both on and off-road conditions. The tires greatly reduce noise produced during usage for a silent and smooth drive. The tread compound increases serviceable life even under extreme conditions by resisting wear and tear and evenly distributing it for preventing damages from aggregating on a specific area. The tire contains two or three steel belts (loading range and manufacturing origin act as a deciding factors) running through the infrastructure for increasing serviceable life and fortifying against both cuts and blunt force impacts.

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