Mid-Range Tyres

Mid-range tyres offer a great midpoint between budget and premium tyres. They are more durable and perform better than budget tyres. They don’t offer the cutting-edge features you’ll find most premium tyre models on the market provide.

Generally, however, mid-range tyres mean a great ride, solid grip performance, low noise and sound passenger comfort.

While there’s no doubt that premium tyres are going to be the best you can buy, what if you need to replace all four and the price is just too eye-wateringly expensive? Mid-range tyres are often worth a look.

A decent mid-range tyre should be of a reasonably good quality, durable enough for the driver and not too pricey. But you do need to be careful. Some disreputable garages will sell you a tyre they call a ‘mid-range’ when it’s actually a budget tyre, quietly pocketing the price difference for themselves. So it’s always wise to know your tyres to be sure you’re not being taken advantage of.

There are some very good mid-range tyre manufacturers out there with decent quality products. They just don’t get the same publicity as the Pirellis and Michelins, so don’t rule them out, look them up and check the reviews. While not as cheap as a budget tyre, you will save a little money when compared with premium tyres.

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