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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to determine the correct tyre size for your vehicle is by checking your vehicle owner’s manual or your door jam sticker. It usually contains information about the recommended tyre size for your Car model.

We do our best to offer fair prices for the value we provide. Trust us to give our best prices.

No we don’t, we just deliver your tyres to your doorstep and you take them to a nearest fitment centre.

No, We also sell tyres from other countries like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India and France.

You can check your door Jam sticker, your door Jam sticker is located around the driver’s side of your vehicle. You can check out our Instagram page for more information about your tyre’s air pressure.

No, we don’t. We deliver the exact tyres you request for. No scam zone.

Yes, you can pick up at our office but you have to let us know ahead of time so we can bring the tyres from our warehouse to the office for pickup.

Yes, we are opened from Monday to Friday by 8:30am- 5:00pm. Our Saturdays are for emergency delivery but it attracts extra delivery fee.

Any order that comes in after 2 pm will be shifted to the next day for delivery.

We are active on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter.

We don’t, we only give discounts on 4 tyres.

All budget tyres are Cheap tyres, and their Manufacturer warranty is usually 6 months or more depending on usage. Midrange tyres aren’t cheap or expensive and their Manufacturer’s warranty is usually 1 year. While Premium tyres are very expensive, high-quality, and economical, their manufacturer warranty is 2 years.

No, we don’t

No, we don’t. All our tyres are new.

Irrespective of the circumstances, Once our tyres are out for delivery, if any issues arise, the tyres must be returned back to our office within three days in good condition and it mustn’t be Installed.

Yes we do, But you can only pick up your tyres once the payment is complete.

Yes, we do wholesale for dealers, depending on the quantity that the dealer is buying. Trust us to give you at the best price.

Yes, but it depends on your tyre size. You can either get Runflats tyres for Michelin or Dunlop brands.

It depends, if you are buying 1 tyre only, we charge you extra delivery fee but if you are buying like 2,3,4 or more than then delivery is only free within Lagos. Outside Lagos attracts extra delivery fee.

Yes we do and we have some of our warehouses in Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Yes, but that’s if you are buying 4 and the warranty depends on the range of tyres you are buying either (Budget, midrange or premium)

Yes we do, You can send us an email or give us a call.

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